Monday, April 11, 2011

Is My Egg Happy?

Need all the brain cells firing when you go shopping these days – gone are the days of just buying the bread, the milk and the eggs. Basic foods are now multi-choice, bread with nuts, bread without.  With added fibre or just the bog standard white stuff?
Can’t even just buy brown or white, it come in mixtures so you can have beige bread - if you want.

And eggs are complicated you know, I’m sure you didn’t; we have large and then very large, and Extra Large.
Sometimes, you can find eggs so large it makes you wince, well, think what it did to the hen. Enough to make your eyes water don’t you think?
No hen with feelings could sit there producing mammoth eggs without a great big squawk of protest.

Supermarkets get up to all sorts of tricks, and the deception begins well before the egg gets to the carton. Not content with the hen clucking her heart out, the buggers try to fool us into thinking that she enjoys it. Yes they do, why else would the cartons be labelled HAPPY EGGS? We are being misled, that’s what.

Think about it –each little bundle of egg is so happy, and the hen is smiling from ear to ear as she lays another size 8 egg? I don’t think so.
If this trend goes on I’ll be looking at my boiled egg only to see a little smiley face beaming at me.
It’s the stuff of nightmares


William Gruff said...

You've bought a new dress Fred AND changed your make up. I must say I approve of the make over: very spicy and more than a little suggestive.

I suspect that you have hidden depths.

William Gruff said...

PS re happy eggs: For happy eggs you need tickled ovaries.

LMFAO @ the verification word for this comment: 'imbead'.

John Kim said...

you just made me want some scrambled eggs

Jorge Matheus said... já conhece