Friday, April 27, 2012

Get a Shed

Every man needs a shed, there is no doubt about it; a kingdom, an entire universe that he can rule well away from her indoors, and reminders about those jobs around the house.
Jobs that a bloke couldn’t give two curses for. Her indoors says they are essential.

Sheds give out the message that a bloke has work to do, serious work you know, the sifting of nuts, the grading of bolts, you get the idea.
Well out of the wife’s domain. Far, far away out of her reach – Wow.

Better still, blokes can have sheds as a group activity: they do, set up societies for Blokes and Sheds.
Without going near these meetings I can tell you what they talk about.

Women – how unreasonable they are, the wife, the girlfriend, the mistress.
If it’s the wife, ‘She wants a new kitchen’ the mistress “She wants more sex’ and the girlfriend “When is the wedding?’
Do they talk about sheds? No of course  they don’t. Wake up, for pity’s sake.

After the females, down to the important stuff; Cars, the Footie, the Pub.

There is nothing to worry about, really there isn’t. Blokes can only think one thought at a time. For a very long time let me tell you.

It takes well over 24 hours before the bloke moves on to the next thought; most women have gone through a whole books worth of thoughts in half that time.

Give your bloke a shed – then lock him in it. He won’t notice, far too busy  isn't he?


Da Barbarian said...

I built me a shed *cough* fer me books and theatre and film props and a whole lot of things I fergot what they're for.

Red Fred said...

I'm sure , that all it needs, is a nice tidy-up *smugly*

Red Fred said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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