Saturday, January 23, 2010

So 'Shut It...'

It would be a good idea for the pundits to shut it, at least for the next 6 months, as two major companies in the UK announce the loss of jobs in the thousands.
No one is going to cheer the experts on as they promise us a rosy, and wealthy economic outlook.


Eon chose to fabricate a jargon laden excuse for the sacking of their workforce in Essex, with a ‘suit’ blabbing away to camera. I’m sure he will continue to enjoy his company car, and his nice house in a good area, before he moves on to another position, with a nice car and a nice house….I guess you get the picture.

In harsh contrast, Cadbury fell to the mighty dollar as Kraft flexed their financial muscle, but the result was the same.
A massive loss of jobs, and a loss of tradition as well.

Sad as that may be, tradition has no defence against the economics.


The same day, we were treated to our resident incompetent, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, assuring the House (and us) that the Government would do everything they could to ensure that the newly jobless would be given work experience so that they could all skip gaily on to the next job.

Use a space to think here, which is more than Gordon does – folks who have lost their job, do they need more work experience?

No. They need a job.

‘Simples’ as Aleksandr would say.


Work experience is the great con-trick of our time, it takes the unemployment figures down, and in six months time the so- called ‘experience’ comes to an end.

It’s back to the job centre as the politicians beam and pat themselves on the back, cos’ they are Doing something.
Goodness Gracious Me.



Mad Dog said...

Better not get me started on the subject of "work experience", "internships" or other such nonsense or I'll need to be medicated. I'm with you all the way on that. But I must ask, as I don't really have my finger on the pulse of UK politics anymore, is Gordon Brown really incompetent or is he just unlucky to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? I can't see Davy Boy Cameron doing better and most of his ilk would have us working down in the mines for two-and-sixpence an hour while they blame the poor for all their ills.

Red_Fred said...

Brown was considered a competent/good, Chancellor, no doubt about that, Mad Dog. But his performance as PM is rated badly, and his dealings with the media are fairly disastrous

If he had called an election, when coming into office, I think he would have won it- no past blunders to worry about as PM, a clean slate; the Tories were unpopular. And he was not elected as PM in any election, which is something he fails to understand.

Now, Labour looks set to fail at the next election, unless they do some serious thinking.

I expect we will get stuck with Davey and his horrible toothpaste smile...

Mad Dog said...

Davey looks like that android in one of the next generation Star Treks:

Think yourself lucky that politics in the UK is pretty mild compared with this side of the Atlantic.