Monday, March 01, 2010

Run for the Hills

Run for the hills, if you live in the UK right now. We are heading for several months of pre -election garbage and I don’t intend to be giving much space to any of the political mouthings in the future.


It promises to be a dispirited and lack lustre campaign on either side of the political fence, with a weary electorate who have seen the last 3 years plagued by economic doom, and the sight of empty spaces in the High Street.

Brown has begun making speeches that veer from ‘You never had it so good’ to ‘Give us a chance’ which is Labour‘s best effort and doesn’t deliver any hope whatsoever.

His opposite number, David Cameron, who comes from the old rich families so beloved by the Conservative party in this country, has been telling his party that it is their patriotic duty to throw the current government out.

No, he just wants the top job.


And there are the rest of us, trying to make our bank accounts balance (and failing) pay off our credit cards (and failing) and induce our beloveds to finish off those chores that have been hanging around for a few years (and failing).
Not being politicians, we are unable to make the bank manager believe that

a) We can claim it all as justifiable expenses

b) Make our beloved understand that his/her, prospects are in considerable danger if he/she, doesn’t pull a finger out.

Or have said finger pulled out, instead.


Find something else to enjoy for the next few months.
Bury your pot of gold in the garden and stock up on some good DVD’s. After all politics and reality seldom make good bedfellows.

Well, never actually



Mad Dog said...

Hmm, not much choice, is there. Gordon "Bully" Brown is not acceptable and I could never vote for party whose members see themselves as intellectual superiors and leaders of the working class. What about the Lib Dems? I can't remember the name of their leader -the fellow who took over from the drunk ginger bloke. There's always the Greens as a protest, I suppose. Should I even bother with an ex-pat postal vote?

Red_Fred said...

Hmmn..the Lib Dems, led by the rather awful Nick Clegg, see Hereward's fury on his blog about this gentleman
He doesn't make much impression over here, sadly the ginger haired drinker, was much liked, he had a natural ability to engage.
I fear the BNP will make some gains this time round....grim outlook eh?

Mad Dog said...

The election run up looks pretty dire although I have to say Gordon is looking a tiny bit less worse than Davey boy. I'm wondering whether I should exercise my postal vote...

Delicia said...

Yeah at one time I was also pondering postal vote, but had no nerve to brave 700 km full of potholes and drunken drivers and the Luanda traffic jam on top of it just for the futile exercise of providing democratic legitimation for a bunch of self serving smart alecks.
They say those who don't vote, vote for the extreme fringes - s'posed to be a bad thing -I dunno 'bout that- the Kraken is everywhere btw, no matter what you vote for ...

Mad Dog said...

All I can say is "bloody, bollocking, buggery!". My apologies for being uncouth.

Red_Fred said...

Oh dear Mad Dog, I understand your feelings, I do

As for you, Delicia, I expect there's a Kraken in every pot-hole
Waiting for You
Uh Huh