Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Darling

I think I have just about recovered from the election campaigns – of course the Labour Party made whimpering noises, nothing new there. The feeling in Britain is that Labour deserved to lose, sometimes us taxpayers bite back.

(I won’t mention the low life that don’t..’pay’) Much.


'Your place or mine?"

However, us, the great unwashed electorate did not deserve the spectacle of the Tory (that’s your Republicans, you Yanks) leader, David Cameron practically kissing the Lib Dem leader every time a camera came near them.

No wonder Mr Clegg and his Lib Dems decided to be friends with the Tories, what fun, all those parties and freebies, yum yum, yum.

The Twins then made beaming noises at us and the Press, promising that a hung Parliament was NO problem at all, no no, no.

A week before that, Cameron was quoted as saying that it ‘would be a disaster’ for the country, just a complete disaster you know.

My, doesn’t the song change?

The television pundits nearly choked themselves with excitement, gazing avidly at reportage of the new alliance, chortling away.
“Look!” screeched one of them “Look! He’s patting Nick Clegg!” Yes, there was David patting Nick.
“Oh doesn’t that body language look amazing!” breathed another; if you get excited by two blokes gazing at each other, I guess it does.


The bravado and the hype have a short life, and when Davy and Nicky (I expect they are on buddy buddy terms by now) get down to the gritty stuff, we will find out if this pairing is going to work.

I suspect not, more so for the Liberal Democrats, who will get sidelined and largely ignored. Inter-Party squabbles will become commonplace.
And for the rest of us?


Life goes on much the same - Bills, bills, and more bills.


Delicia said...

We are electing a president today. Of course not we, the German People, of course not, goodness forbid.
The self declared elite does, and they have the riveting choice between the pompous old ass who mismanaged the Stasi records, and a rather colourless entity from Lower Saxony, divorced with the obligatory new younger wife.
Now call me a stick in the mud, but a guy who can't keep his marriage straight for better and for worse, is s'posed to keep a country straight?
No casting of aspersions on divorced people per se, as most of them don't propose leading a country, thus doing no harm and showing some judgement after all. Not that the president leads anything, much.
He gets up on his hindlegs every so often, spouting inconsequential verbiage, darned nuisance, and shaking grubby paws and patting smelly babies, unhygenic. We call him Grüßonkel.

Steve Ballmer said...

Interesting blog my friend